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Hassan El-Meligy - BIO

I would consider myself as a developing consultant but I must say that I am focusing mainly on the following
  • Strategic Planning, Strategy Formulation and implementation 
  • Business Process Management, Mapping & Re-engineering
  • Turnaround, restructuring, transformation and Institutionalization
  • Governance, private equity, quality and auditing 
  • Labor Market Information and Labor Market information Systems
  • Information & Communication technology Alignment with Businesses

For the above expertise  I have had several short and long term projects with the following agencies
  • Government of Egypt.
    • Ministry of investment & GAFI
    • Ministry of Industry & IDA, ITC, IMC, 
    • Ministry of higher education
    • Ministry of Health & HIO
    • Ministry technical research & ASRT
    • Ministry of Communication & information Technology
    • Ministry of Local Development 
    • Ministry of International Cooperation
    • Social Fund  for Development SFD, several projects 
    • and several other agencies 
  • Other international projects in Iraq, Yemen, Algeria, KSA, Jordan
  • My work was funded and shared by the following
    • European Commission
    • World-Bank - IFC
    • European Bank for Development 
    • UNDP
    • USAID
Sample Projects 

  • Formulation Labor Market Information for TVET Egypt
  • Formulation Labor Market Information for ITC Egypt
  • Formulation TVET Information Strategy 
  • Transformation of HIO business process 
  • Transformation of TVET 4 sectors strategy in wood, food, bcm and engineering 
  • Transformation  of EMRA business process in Egypt and Yemen
  • Transformation of Construction licenses process in Iraq 3 districts
  • Transformation of more than 100 private sector companies (sizes and industries)
  • Transformation project and capacity building of 50 ICT companies in Egypt
  • Transformation of the OSS One-Stop-Shop of the OSS and setting unified model
  • Transformation of the SFD financial and non financial services processes
  • Transformation of Governorate of Monofia
  • Transformation of Governorate of Suze
  • Corporate Governance

I am an IEEE member since 1994 with a good background in information and communication technology and I believe I could set the right alignment between business and ICT. 

I have obtained a Masters of Science in this area from Middlesex University. with what I have seen in the market, this issue is critical and costly. If done right, it could cost less and be an enabler for the financial performance and improvement of quality and business processes

Hassan El-Meligy